Wednesday, March 26, 2014


My body is pressed against the wall,
Grabbing a corner to steady a potential fall,
Breathless, I catch your stare on me,
And smell the ooze from your masculinity.

Immediately, I don’t know what to do,
Squirm about as a woman who’s lost her cool.
Like the thief caught stealing someone else’s shoes,
Or an owl shrieking to an intrusion; explicit whooos!

Nothing’s spoken in air heavy yet calm,
And my heart races in spiked emotional alarm.
I turn to receive the rest of the room,
And then back where your eyes continue to loom.

You’re a formidable man, this I can see,
Rugged, individualistic from a world that’s “Duty Free”!
You take what’s desired and within reach,
Which scares the crap out me, yet my interest peeks.

In confidence, you step to me in a firm advance,
As a breath escapes and my mind goes blank.
Slowly sipping on that glass of white wine,
I look up to accept your eyes diving into mine...
 ©copywriter Diana Mary Sharpton

1.) Photography:Soft Rose by Ly Son Le