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Hamilton Pool Nature Preserve & Krause Springs, Texas #GETAWAY #TEXAS

Hamilton Pool © copywrite by DMS Photography (1)
Hamilton Pool © copywrite by DMS Photography (2)
My plan this weekend was to leave for Austin, Texas, on Friday, March 28, 2014 and check out Hamilton Pool Nature Preserve and Krause Springs which is about 45 minutes outside of the Austin city limits and along the way visit with my daughter and granddaughter. Once packed and ready, I realized it was way too late to leave that evening plus I love my bed and it was calling my name, after a long hard workweek… LOL!

So, the adventure started, Saturday, March 29, 2014 at five am, after I picked up a large coffee for this three to four hour trip to Austin, Texas. The plan was to stop by my daughter’s apartment, drop off my belongings and pick up my passengers (i.e. daughter and granddaughter). The first focus was Hamilton Pool Nature Reserve. I wanted to get there earlier than later and heed the advice given to me by a fellow google plus Texan so as not to wait in line all morning or even take a chance of getting turned away because the park was full.
Hamilton Pool © copywrite by DMS Photography (3)

Hamilton Pool © copywrite by DMS Photography (4)

 Hamilton Pool Nature Preserve: We arrived at the reserve around 9:30 am and did not have to wait long. The reserve does close at 6:00 pm, 24300 Hamilton Pool Rd., Dripping Springs, Texas, 78620 and there is limited parking, no fishing, mountain biking, camping, dogs, cooking and/or fires permitted. They only take cash or checks and the checks need to be local. It costs $15 per car load which is an excellent price for all the fun and adventure that actually took place. Via appointment, there are tours offered and there are restroom facilities, at the top and bottom of the mountain. Remember there is “NO” water. Visitors will have to walk down a steep, rocky mountain path to the pool area and back up when leaving. I recommend that you wear walking boots or tennis shoes and not sandals. The pool area is absolutely stunning and swimming is allowed which even on this cool morning people were jumping in.
Blue Bonnets©copywrite by DMS Photography (1)
Hamilton Pool Nature Preserve-History: The preserve consists of 232 acres of protected natural habitat and features a jade green pool into which a 50-foot waterfall flows. It is important to note that the Austin area, which includes the hill country, is currently undergoing a sever draught and you could see this in waterfall flow. The pool was formed long ago by the collapse of a large cave into Hamilton Creek and is surrounded by huge slabs of limestone.(1)

Bert & Ernie’s General Store ©copywrite by DMS Photography (1)
Krause Springs ©copywrite by DMS Photography (1)
We left around noon and had lunch at “Bert & Ernie’s General Store”. A favorite biker’s hangout and they serve a fabulous hamburger, 18710 Hamilton Pool Rd., Austin, Texas, 78738.  After that strenuous hike up the mountain, lunch and a needed rest, we took off, found highway 71, and decided to drive to Krause Springs, 404 Krause Spring Rd, Spicewood, Texas, 78669.

Krause Springs-History:  Founded in 1955, it is a privately owned and operated camping and swimming site. This was also a recommendation by a fellow Texans on my original “Hamilton Pool” post. It is a well-known camping and swimming, off the Cypress Creek and deep in Texas Hill Country. (2)
Krause Springs©copywrite by DMS Photography (2)

Krause Springs: Our experience was amazing due to the stunning natural beauty of the pool and camp grounds; however, I would urge that it be a full day or overnight camping and swimming excursion verses a couple hours hang out. The price is $7 per person cash or local check.
Lake Austin ©copywrite by DMS Photography (1)

Lake Austin ©copywrite by DMS Photography (2)
 Lake Austin, a water reservoir on the Colorado River, was the last place we visited and this was primarily because it was on the way. The area of the reservoir where we ended up was below the Tom Miller Dam and this is where we met some friends. To say the least, it was a long, amazing Saturday day and I would recommend each place as a full day adventure vs. my whirlwind tour…!!!

Please note, all the photography presented is via DMS Photography ~ all rights reserved © copywriter (3).

Friends Made © copywrite by DMS Photography (1)
1. Hamilton Pool Nature Preserve.
2. Krause Springs.
3. Photography: DMS Photography ~ all rights reserved © copywriter
a.) Hamilton Pool © copywrite by DMS Photography (1-4)
b) Blue Bonnets©copywrite by DMS Photography (1)
c) Krause Springs ©copywrite by DMS Photography (1-2)
d) Bert & Ernie’s General Store ©copywrite by DMS Photography (1)
e) Lake Austin ©copywrite by DMS Photography (1-2)
f) Friends Made © copywrite by DMS Photography (1)

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