Friday, April 18, 2014

"Breathe" #Freeverse #Poetry

love & fire by kujaku (1)
By Diana Mary Sharpton

My mind is soaked in you,
Smelling fresh as a spring morning laden in dew,
Leaving skin cool as a finger roams,
Slowly: emotion fuels need ready to implode!

There’s a wet kiss; his skin meeting mine,
For the first, second; hell a lot of times!
Stop; let me breathe and look into your eyes,
And yes! He’s being attentive to me, tonight.

He pulls me onto him; a tongue seeking rind,
Leaving quivers and shivers
Oh dammed this feels good, whimpers!
And thousands of little thrills, spinning me through time.

And don’t stop now! Sweet heaven o'er,
Breathe! As it my turn to savor,
And who cares my mind’s screaming out loud,
I’d rather drop dead than stop all this loving you’re give’in me now!

Lips kiss his body, slowly; as a tongue seeks lost places,
And there’s a gasps to his lips that quietly escapes,
Hmmmm, baby you are the knot that ties my world,
So come sit on to me so I can make you toes curl....

And yes! This volume fills me inside,
Breathe girl!!! And show this man your ride.

© Copywrite by Diana Mary Sharpton

1.) Photograph: love & fire by kujaku.