Thursday, May 15, 2014

Yet It Still Comes #POETRY #PAIN #TIME

Sailing Ship in distant sea 2 by temma22 ©2009-2014 (1)
Yet it still comes
Ebbs thrash endless quarried by an irate sea; will it come?
The vessel attempt’s to stay afloat; it will come!
Its harsh, fray, raw in domination; it’ll soon be here.
Prayer’s shattered no repute or interpretation; in the distance it appears.

A dramatic dance in agony; there’s a knock at the door.
Time stops in imperial ascendancy; stepping onto the bedroom floor.
Thoughts imprisoned; a body curls to stall and it has arrived.
An invasion proceeds; it controls relentlessly never to subside.

Is this the end?
Accepting, will souls ascend?
Day’s become nights; devoted not ever leaving one’s side.
Then, even perhaps, it’s not that day, it dies.

The clouds clear, a sun glows in molten rays,
And waves tame into a gentle spray,
There’s a pause, a taste, nestled in time,
It’s sweet, as summer love, aligned in jasmine vines.

Diana Mary Sharpton (c) 2014

1) Photography: Sailing Ship in distant sea 2 by temma22 ©2009-2014 (1)

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