Friday, January 3, 2014

“Shifting Landscape” #POETRY by Harley Bell w/Christina Perri's “A Thousand Years” #MUSICVIDEO

Photography Shared in Google Plus by +Kyoung Woo Park (1)
Throughout the parables the paradoxical teachings continue: Give to receive. Die to live. Lose to win.” 

― Amos Smith

Harley Bell (2)
It is important that we give back to our family, community and friends in an honorable and respectful manner. Just an opinion, but it’s my attitude. Now, this does not mean that “considerate” is “insubstantial”, it’s the pronouncement one can give towards humanity. This said my guest today is a superb poet Harley Bell from Wellington, New Zealand.  Harley is an artist by trade and has recently added writing to his repertoire.  He is fairly new to Google Plus and this is an introduction to all the circle communities as well. The poem that is being featured is titled “Shifting Landscape”.

Harley at work (3)
In Harley’s own words: “Tumbling the fields of art and swimming in immersive creative compulsion. Waves of ink breaking in at all sides, the vision of patterns and the shapes that are drawn. They are the map and key to figuring out this game of life”. In my words it sounds like a man with vision and creativity, watch out world!!!

Anyway, I have attempted in adding a cover photograph and music video that adds to this story line that inspired Harley in writing this poem “something about the turmoil of a love” and it’s infinite interaction within the natural landscape of our lives. The song title is “A Thousand Years(2) by the beautiful and talented singer Christina Perri. Yes, I love the song and it is the second time I have featured it on this blog. The YouTube video was uploaded on Oct 26, 2011by lovemspenny.

I hope everyone is having a magnificent and joyful week and please show Harley all the Google plus love and support you have to give and “plus” more.

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Shifting Landscape
In the shifting landscape of attraction
There are insane emotions evolving
And hidden here somewhere,
Is a treasure trove of potential?
With so many possibilities
And all the directions flow
Towards a radiant valley of sunshine
Vast continents shall be traversed
By the nomads of wine
As they seek the oasis of Dionysus
So they can witness the origin of pleasure
And experience ritual madness.
The love struck one foretold
Of the seasons change
From summer to hellfire
And they warned us
That paradise will flee when strangers approach
And let it be reasoned then,
That the unfurling beat
Of the broken heart is still ravenous
When amidst a shifting landscape
And that we cannot stand in the way of progress
All things must move on with time
So, look to your place of isolation
And find the wisdom of chaos
Believe in the power of a dangerous attraction
And, if all your wishes are fulfilled
With the opening of a paradox
How could you then speak in parables?
And ask the question
The only question
Who am I to feel so free from you?

© copyright by Harley Bell

Love and Peace Always Diana
4.) Video: A Thousand Years.