Thursday, February 20, 2014

A Sultry Saturday Song “One Fine Thing” by Harry Connick, Jr #MUSICVIDEO w/Tim Geaney #PHOTOGRAPHY #DianaMarySharpton

Photography is by (c)Tim Geaney with all rights reserved.


"I do quite naughty things now. I do like to be a bit sexy."
~Kylie Minogue

My artist tonight is the Harry Connick, Jr from “The Big Easy”. He is FINE and can sing a sexy baritone song!!! The music #Premiering is titled “One Fine Thing(2). I would recomend a "look See" . The video was uploaded on YOUTUBE Feb 18, 2014 by
harryconnickjrVEVO and considered a Swing, traditional pop, big band, jazz-funk music genre.

I have listed the lyrics below for your reading pleasure.

"One Fine Thing"(3)
When I'm walkin… I see you
And I'm wonderin what it must be like to be you
You're a sunrise, you're heaven
You're the reason that God rested on day seven

You're one fine fine thing

When I'm dreamin… I love you
And I know that there is just one version of you
Can I have you? I need you
If you tell me where you wanna go I'll lead you

You're one fine fine thing

I want you now in a real bad way
So what do I have to do?
I could somehow have a real good day
It all depends on you

Well I've flirted… I've dated
And I'm thinkin single life is overrated
So I'll loiter and linger
And I'll try to get a ring around your finger

You're one fine fine thing
You're one fine fine thing
You're one fine fine thing

Thank you for your continued support. I pray you are having a blessed evening!

Peace and Love Always Diana

Vous êtes très sexy ma chérie. Il me font tout mouillé.

1.) Photography: Harry Connick Jr. photograph in the bathtub (c) Tim Geaney .
2..) Video: Harry Connick Jr. - One Fine Thing
3.)  Lyrics: