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Where’s the Coffee? #Poetry #Coffee #DayOff w/Shelby Lynne - Just A Little Lovin' #MorningLovin #MusicVideo #DianaMarySharpton

Coffee and paper in bed! by Melissa Mercier (1a)


"When I awake each morning, I thirst for your touch"

~ Unknown

Where’s the Coffee?
by Diana Mary Sharpton

Its cozy here on this king size bed,
Oh man! Getting up is something I dread.
Roll over; wrap me in your arms, so tight,
The callings of this day, I want to fight.

Your affection intoxicates me even more,
So, I resist putting my feet on that icy floor.
The alarm reminds me for the second time,
Five minutes; kiss me, a taste akin to peppermint and lime.

I am warmed by touch quickening the blood flow,
Perhaps a sick day would lessen this arduous blow,
And we could be free to play or do whatever comes to mind.
Snooze barks: Where’s the coffee? Pressure for an excuse, I can’t find.

Sitting, I give-up this morning’s delightful whim,
Resigned to duty towards a day that must begin.
My hand explores your body one more time,
And we make a date to meet this afternoon by five.

© copywrite by Diana Mary Sharpton

To accompany this poem, I am including a fabulous MusicVideo titled "Just A Little Lovin'"(2) sung by Shelby Lynne. I think it fits nicely with the sentiments of the poem It was published on YouTube Mar 24, 2014, by nimophile.

The song is the first track in Shelby Lynne's album titled "Just a little Lovin" (2) released in January 2008. Her music (i.e., this album) is considered a Pop, Country genre.

I am listing the lyrics below for your reading pleasure.

"Just A Little Lovin'" (3)
Just a little lovin'
Early in the mornin'
Beats a cup of coffee 
For starting off the day

Just a little lovin'
When the world is yawnin'
Makes you wake up feeling
Good things are coming your way

This old world
Wouldn't be half as bad
It wouldn't be half as sad
If each and everybody in it had…

Just a little lovin'
Early in the mornin'
That little extra somethin'
To kinda see them through

Nothing turns the day on
Really gets it dawnin'
Like a little bit of lovin'
From some lovin' someone like you

This old world
Wouldn't be half as bad
It wouldn't be half as sad
If each and everybody in it had

Just a little lovin' 
Early in the mornin'
(Just a little lovin')
(When the world is yawnin')
Just a little bit of lovin' ah
Oh, in the morning
Nothing turns the day on
Really gets it dawnin'
Make a little bit of lovin'
It's so good, it's so good

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"The Honey Bee & His Rose" by Diana Mary Sharpton (1b)

Music is a language and these are my final thoughts for this evening. May your day or evening be blessed with good health, unconditional love, light-hearten laughter, enormous success, and unending happiness.

Peace and Love Always
Diana Mary Sharpton


1.a) Photography: Coffee and paper in bed! by Melissa Mercier.

1b.) Photography: "The Honey Bee & His Rose" by Diana Mary Sharpton  (c) 2017 copywrite all rights reserved
2.) Video:
3.) Lyrics:

Today's Menu - Short Rib Steaks, Parmesan White Steamed Rice, Tomatoes & Okra and Steamed Broccoli #FOOD

Short Rib Steaks © copywrite by DMS Photography~all rights reserved (1)
Today’s dinner is comprised of short rib steaks, parmesan white steamed rice, tomatoes & okra and steamed broccoli. I am still trying to cook a leaner meal so there is going to be limited used of butter and when I do use butter it’s the light version. Remember, I am Hispanic and everything I cook is going to have a Mexican cuisine twist. This goes back to my roots. I also like to be able to complete the Sunday dinner within a couple of hours. The itemize list of ingredients are noted below. My picture is based off of small portions. I don’t want to screw up my summer/fall diet program.

Ingredients – Short Rib Steak (beef)
3 - 5 Short rib steaks
1 Large lime squeezed over the meat.
2 Table Spoons of Webber’s Zesty Lemon Pepper
2 - 4 Table Spoons of Worcestershire Sauce

Ingredients – White Steamed Rice w/Parmesan Cheese
2 Packages of Success Boil-In-Bag White Rice.
1 Table Spoon “I cannot believe it’s Butter” Mediterranean blend
1/2 Cup fresh shredded - parmesan cheese
1/4 Teaspoon of coarsely ground black pepper

Ingredients – Okra
2 Packages of fresh Okra
1/2 Red onion, thin slices and then chopped
1 Fresh seedless Jalapeno finely chopped
2 Fresh garlic cloves finely chopped
1 Bunch of cilantro finely chopped
1 Can of regular Rotel tomatoes with lemon juice
1/4 Teaspoon of coarsely ground black pepper
1 Table Spoon of chicken broth

Cooking Directions:

On a flat cooking pan that has about ½ inch lip, which I line with foil and then place each piece of meat side by side. Squeezing the fresh lime juice over the meat as evenly as possible and adding the Worcestershire Sauce and Zesty Lemon pepper. Place in the broiler for about 15 minute on each side.
White Rice
In large pot filled with two cups of water for every bag that you intend on cooking, let the water come to a boil and then add the rice bags. The rice should cook for about 8-10 minutes and once it is cooked drain off all the water. In the same pot place the cooked white rice adding the parmesan cheese, pepper and butter and about ¼ cup of water and let it simmer for about 5 minutes.

I always use my heavy skillet and brown the okra which has been cut in1/4 inch slices. I also use olive oil about three table spoons and adding the chopped jalapeno, garlic and red onion to brown as well. Once all the ingredients have been browned, drain any leftover oil and then add the can of Rotel, along with a couple of can of waters and the bouillon, cilantro and pepper. Let this first come to a boil and then simmer for about 15 minutes.

I just steam it for about 5 minutes. You don’t want to overcook vegetables.
Bon Apatite Peace Diana

1. Photograph: Short Rib Steaks
 © copywrite by DMS Photography~all rights reserved (1)

Thinking out Loud #OPINION

Thinking out Loud
Recently, I have seen various posts that list life lessons of one kind or another as the right choice towards long, happy, healthy and productive lives. You have heard them all before and it makes no sense to add them as a part of this piece, because in general I agree. They remind us of what is important in a list format LOL. The one lesson that caught my attention was “What other people think is none of your business”.  This statement and its message, at first glance, seem simple and straightforward, right! However, life can be complicated and over simplification can lead to misinterpretation or miscommunication.  Martin Luther King, Jr. said it best – “Shallow understanding from people of good will is more frustrating than absolute misunderstanding from people of ill will”.

Howard Woodley Bailey-Post Mar 2, 2014 (1)

Well, I have thought about the implications in this statement and want to quantify my position. Strictly based on personal opinion, this statement is not only generalized and preachy, it also has “legs with hair”. So let’s explore the potential ramifications and I will use myself as the Ginny pig.

The statement uses the word “Think”. Which can be defined as a process of using one’s mind to produce ideas, decisions, judgment, memories ect. (1). You knew this! I would also presume that “Thinking Out Loud” would fall into this category as a subcategory of some sort but there is an “intent” issue that is brought in as suspect. Now put “Thinking Out Loud” in context with the internet “posts”, comments, circles and extended circles. Example: My thinking that the neighbor is a thief is completely different from thinking out loud in front of a group of people, on the internet, in public, in a comment, “He is a thief”; the former having no personal or professional ramifications, to the neighbor, whereas with the latter there can potentially be a detrimental outcome and all done without evidence or facts to support the allegation. Depending on the damage done as a result of these incendiary remarks, I could be sued by the neighbor for libel.

Thinking out Loud:
While there are many articles supporting the idea that thinking is really “nobody’s business”, I am going to reference an article written by Eric Eden titled “Libel & Defamation in the Information Age” (2), that backs my argument about possible ramifications to “thinking out loud”. He talks about current internet behavior and various listed cases in which facts were not properly supported “It's not uncommon for users to ridicule, harass or insult those who disagree with them. But if you damage someone's reputation by trying to embarrass them in a public forum, you could be sued for libel or defamation.”  He states that “Every person you write something negative about won't sue you for defamation or libel, they might flame you or just try to set the record straight by replying to the message.  But if you post false information about another user and disgrace them in public, they have the right to take you to court -- and they could win a big settlement if they can prove you were negligent.” This especially rings true when accusing individuals of some sort of artistic or business misrepresentation and/or misadventure, in essence distroying their "Brand".

Even though the internet is still a casual forum to socialize, connect and do business; increasingly there are cases where people have lost their jobs because of what was said casually, in comments and posts, irrespective of how tight and controlled the commentator thought his or her audience may or may not be. You are in the Public sector. Reynolds Holding with Time U.S. wrote an article, titled “Can You Be Fired for Bad-Mouthing Your Boss on Facebook?(2); he investigated various cases where people lost their jobs after making incendiary comments on Facebook. In the piece, Holding states that "The Federal National Labor Relations Act prohibits employers from punishing employees, whether or not they are members of a union, for talking about wages or workplace conditions or forming a union. The idea is to ease communication among workers so they can decide whether a union is necessary"; however this law didn't help the individual (s) profiled in this case study. It is my opinion that there is a kind of a naiveté about the internet and social media certainly I can claim guilty as charged. People need to consider the source, audience and commentary made in a public forum.
I believe these types of documented events and their outcome affirm that “Thinking Out Loud” on the internet (i.e. in a public forum) is pretty much everybody’s business and can be a risky endeavor at best. So for obvious reasons, I don’t agree with this statement What other people think is none of your business in it's totality unless what you are thinking about is kept to yourself.

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