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Brand New Sexy Provocative #Book “My Three Men” by A. LaToya Charlton #PUBLISHED

"My Three Men" (1)
Good evening! I am very excited about my featured guest this evening, A. LaToya Charlton, who is from Providence, Bahamas. She describes herself as “an island gal with a huge imagination and a love for the beach | A girl with a dream”. Although her profiles says she is an “aspiring author”; as of today, March 15, 2014, she is a “published author” and phenomenal blogger!!

Words directly from A. LaToya Charlton:
-Weird, in a good way…if that’s even possible. Sometimes loud, often times too bubbly. Addicted to Wendy’s Wild-berry tea and obsessed with puppies, mainly mine.

A. LaToya Charlton (2)
I started writing as a means to escape a pretty sh*tty reality. When you completely hit rock bottom, you start to come up with ways to survive; you start to think up creative avenues and that’s just what I did. I decided to put pen to paper or should I say fingers to keys and write my first book, ‘My Three Men’.

I met Ayesha on Google + via our blogging activities and we have become fast friends ever since. She approached me around the end of January 2014 to be one of those folks that would provide her a book review and I was game! The title of the book is “My Three Men and it was just published today! You can get a copy for on $5.00 with Amazon/Kindle Books:

My Thoughts on “My Three Men”:
The book is 321 pages, not long and it is an easy entertaining read. I read the book and found it to be a little provocative yet fresh, fun, and sexy with a complicate plot. Hang on to your seat, the main character Shyanne McKenzie is a vivacious, somewhat insecure, voluptuous young woman that cannot make up her mind on who to love and the complexity just begins, (i.e. the book synopsis is presented below). An extraordinary part of the book is that the author gives you a personal perspective, “quite thoughts” on the main characters experiences which are never in harmony with actual events she is encountering. This gives the book a depth and visualization which I just loved. I will not give away the plot or ending; however I highly recommend this book. It would be a marvelous summer by the pool read. It is a superb literary effort by A. LaToya Charlton and I want to personally congratulate her on this brilliant accomplishment.

My Three Men Synopsis:
There he was; tall with milky skin, blue eyes and blonde hair. Daniel Rodham.  Even voluptuous, audacious, fatshionista Shyanne McKenzie didn’t expect that she would find herself caught up in a love affair at her new job. But this is no ordinary affair she realizes, as her life becomes complicated and twisted when ex-lover Sean Powell and connoisseur, Tyler Morgan, turns it into a ‘love square’. Without warning, Shyanne finds herself in a world of power, sex, money, love, tragedy, deceit, betrayal and vengeance. Leaving her quirky, smart-ass ways behind, she steps boldly into her newly discovered sophisticated and adroit self-playing the game of love for what it truly is; her bitch.

Public Information on A. Latoya Charlton:
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