Tuesday, April 1, 2014

The Mongoose (Fossa) #POETRY

The Mongoose (fossa) Photograph by Luke Dollar (1)
The Mongoose (Fossa)
Mortality’s pirouette is life’s abrupt aspect,
Innately predefined; still no living being expects it.
A natural violence the body succumbs during this last breath,
So let me tell a story about living on the edge of unanticipated death,

The mongoose gazes onto the distant level below,
At a cobra that’s gliding openly on the forest floor.
Now that he has spotted this afternoons’ snack,
A plan’s set to mind and this killer readies an attack.

As the mongoose inspects in hidden view a snake’s living prospect,
To determine when to leap upon this unsuspecting target.
Yet, the snake smells danger, instantly curling in wary posture,
Strike ready: venom that paralysis and kills any foes fostered.

At this, the mongoose hesitates; lamenting on what to do?
As the snake senses his opponents retreat, leery but it’s no fool!
Question: would withdraw be considered a worthy move?
No, hunger with a fierce nature instinctively over rules.

Teeth bare, the mongoose strikes with lighten speed,
Akin to earthquakes, in seconds, utter destruction’s released.
To the neck, inches from the head, his teeth skillfully lands,
Shaking it viciously side to side as the snake’s life gradually ends.

This story’s been told in many ways, before,
And you ask: why must it be told here once more?
It's an analogy on the breadth in life, my dear friend,
It’s unknown when death will knock and abruptly let himself in.

© copywrite by Diana Mary Sharpton

1.     Photographer:the mongoose (fossa) Photograph by Luke Dollarhttp://animals.nationalgeographic.com/animals/mammals/fossa/