Monday, May 5, 2014


Introduction: Happy Mother's day Eloise Perez Sharpton

A Solemn Goodbye
Through the window, a full moon reflects,
As transfer across dampen scenery flashes insignificant specs.
Passage in the sky, swiftly, a heart takes in a deepen sigh,
After all; it had been her reverent and last goodbye.

I consider her in a decisive way,
For the guardianship she honored me, while diminutive, I would say.
She was a woman of physical beauty above the norm,
Extraordinary, most opinion elicited, would form.

I emulated her sensuality and elegance,
It’s an important aspect to my existence.
Especially during more youthful times,
Working hard, at career, education due to acceptance and pride.

I see her, now, walking through my life, in command and very bold,
She touches this, that and the weak spot in my soul.
On Friday, I told her… “I love you”… she said “I feel so old”.
By that following Wednesday, silence fell; her body was cold.

Friday next, I felt a spirit whisk by me adorn but alive,
It’s like she waited just for me, to arrive.
So, I took a bath where she’d washed,
And said goodbye to this person I loved yet lost.

They loved you! Those last three years. Did you know?
They were all there telling stories as tears flowed.
Praying on moments, you touched our lives;
We honored you in love and deep sadness infinitely resides.

So for now, it's a solemn tearful goodbye.
I miss your voice and presence in my life.
But most of all, just one more time, I wish I could say,
“I love you” and have a “Happy Mother’s Day”.

Diana Mary Sharpton (c) 2014