Monday, June 9, 2014



This poem was originally published in 2013... actually written in 2007... it was taken off this blog with all my other poetry and now being republished in an effort to keep this blog alive.

The Peccadillo
Ocean waves thrashing in endless hostility upon rocks speckling a cold barren shore.
With persistence, a rhythm in pilot with wind, current and sea, observe youth!
What's his aspiration? Peculiarity, prospect, shrewdness! Or was it simply fascination?
I am not convinced with this perplexity!
Like a ewe hours in birth, vulnerable, fresh, new, no judgment just direction.
With enchantment, it steps towards awareness and possibility. Behold epoch!
What's her scheme? Affirmed with hostility? Determination! Or is in tempo to song, absolutely dubious to all!
Enveloped brilliance as a rose bud opens, youth tantalizes and lures time.
Arouses fantasy, discerns intellect, mitigates fixation, and assures mendacity.
A duped interval within space or time that inspires artistic prose, where is the peccadillo?
Is it in desire, love or merely awareness of the seduction? Maybe both or all three, you see.
Diana Mary Sharpton © 2014 all rights reserved

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