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But sometimes it's the sunshine that frightens us more than the big black shadows.” 

~ Megan Hart, Broken 

I feel good this evening about myself. I went to the doctor due to tests that came back with bad result and he reassured me that there was nothing to be concerned about. This was a follow-up to a follow-up and that is a good thing. I am taking this and running down hill or up hill towards you my darling. 

The original point of this post was about me writing and openly admitting to the fact I was raped at twelve. I had held on to this secret all my life along with feelings of guilt, doubt, self-loathing, helplessness and so much more. The act was a liberating experience and I have grown and evolved into a happier, stronger person. I no longer bend in pain when someone points a negative finger at me.

"Honestly, it has been a long time coming but it is here. The weight of a thousand and one years has been lifted from my shoulders, I am free. Someone mentioned that I showed brevity, no I was honest, the one that was brave was a twelve year old that fought for her life and survived. Now she is becoming a distant memory and the pain it has passed on as well... Interesting how magical life is when you least expect it. 

My song tonight is featuring singer and songwriter Eric Clapton and the song is "Born in Time"(2).

It is a Rock & Roll genre and uploaded on YOUTUBE, Dec 11, 2011 by robyroby1471. I am adding the lyrics for your reading pleasure. It is important to note that the person I am in love with, fell in love with, now, is who I was born to love, period end of story. Second point, being in-love is giving one's self the freedom/permission to live, to explore, to take on happiness, to look through a lens that is positive with a future and not worry about the negativity of others be it that it works out or not....

"Born In Time"(3)

In the lonely night,
In the stardust of a pale moonlight,
I think of you in black and white
When we were made of dreams.

I walked alone through the shaky streets,
Listening to my heart beat
In the record-breaking heat
When we were born in time.

Just when I thought you were gone, you came back
Just when I was ready to receive you.
You were smooth, you were rough,
You were more than enough.
Ah babe, why did I ever leave you
Or believe you?

In the rising curve,
Where the ways of nature will test every nerve,
I took you close and got what I deserve
When we were born in time.

Just when I knew who to thank, you went blank
Just as the firelight was gleaming.
You were snow, you were rain,
You were stripes and you were plain.
Oh babe, can it be you've been scheming
Or was I dreaming?

In the hills of mystery,
In the foggy web of destiny,
You're still so deep inside of me
When we were born in time.

Keep it simple and keep it real. Thank you for your continued love and support it is always appreciated. Remember, music is my language and these are my thoughts tonight...

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Last point: All we owe this world is the best of ourselves.

Peace and Love Always, Diana

I love you Sugar... don't let the confusion of others cloud your thoughts...

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