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It's Supper Time Honey w/Bob Seger’s “Living inside My Heart Now” #Musicvideo #Cooking #DianaMarySharpton

Strange to see how a good dinner and feasting reconciles everybody. ~ Samuel Pepys

I am somewhat of an unconventional, adventurous person when I cook and in life. After all that is my point. I like to cook dishes that are tasty and quick. My time is limited like everyone else in the world. In addition, I like to mix traditional American dishes with favorite Mexican dishes from my homeland. I personally believe it works well together.

Today I am going to start off with home-made guacamole and regular brand corn chips. The main course is Whiskey Black Pepper marinated pork spare ribs (“Kroger’s brand”), black bean soup, Mexican rice and lightly buttered Parmesan zucchini. I am going to include a simple cucumber salad with my favorite drink; “Bare foot’s” Pink Champagne. There will be a simple pumpkin cheesecake desert by “The Father’s Table”. The cheesecake is brilliant and to die for by the way. So, here we go folks!

Background music will be by the brilliant musician from Lincoln Park, Michigan, Bob Seger’sLiving inside My Heart Now”. The video was upload on YouTube May 7, 2008 by Gsxrjo. Bob Segar’s music genre is considered rock, heartland rock, roots rock, rock and roll, pop rock, country rock, hard rock, blue-eyed soul.

I am using ingredients that are listed below. My pictures are based off of small portions. So, I don’t screw up my diet program LOL!

Whiskey Black Pepper marinated pork spare ribs (Kroger brand)
Cooking Directions:
Remove ribs from package:
§  Pre-heat oven to 335°F to 350°F. Transfer ribs to a foil lined, shallow pan and loosely tent ribs with another piece of foil over top.
§  Place ribs in pre-heated oven and cook for 2 to 2 1/2 hours. For a more dried appearance, the top foil can be removed for the last 20 minutes of cooking.

Ingredients: A pack (four to five ribs) the Kroger brand of Whiskey Black Pepper marinated pork spare ribs. Add garlic pepper spice, black pepper ground and lemon pepper all of which are by McCormick.

Black Bean Soup
Like potatoes are a staple in some house-holds, black Bean Soup is a tradition in my home for Sunday dinners or when I feel like eating some food from my homeland. Use a medium pot adding a portion of ingredients and cooked over medium high burner for at least 2 hours until the bean is soft. Keep adding water as necessary.

1 ½   Cups dried black beans (10 oz.), picked over and rinsed

After an hour and half:
1       Small red onion, cut into 1/4-inch dice (3/4 cup)
½      Teaspoon chopped garlic
½      Teaspoon finely chopped (seedless) fresh jalapeno
¼      Teaspoon chili pepper
3       Chicken bouillon cubes
¾      Teaspoon black pepper
5       Tablespoon chopped fresh cilantro
A dash of salt

Mexican Rice
First you need to brown the long grain rice until it starts to puff like popcorn. Long grain rice is the secret. It is important that you stir constantly. Once browned, drain off the grease, adding the following ingredients and cook on medium heat until the water (three fingers above the rice) has almost evaporated. It is important you do not add to much water and over cooker the rice. Then turn off the heat and cover leaving the pan on the warm burner for about 15 – 20 minutes.

3       Fingers of water above the rice
1       Can of ROTEL tomatoes
½      Medium red onion chopped
½      Teaspoon finely chopped (seedless) fresh jalapeno
2       Cups long grain white rice
1       Cup canola oil
1       Minced garlic clove
3       Chicken bouillon cubes
¼      Cup fresh cilantro, minced
A dash of salt and black pepper

First you need to purchase about five to six fresh zucchinis, cut the ends off and slice across. Then place in a pot of boiling water. I always add ground black pepper, garlic and a dash of salt; leaving them in for about 4 to 5 minutes tops, drain, cover and let sit. At this point add a tab of light butter and fresh grated Parmesan cheese.

Cucumber Salad
First you need to purchase about two large cucumbers, one green bell pepper, one orange bell pepper, two tomatoes and 2 limes. Peal the skin off the cucumber and remove the seeds from the bell peppers. Slice all the ingredients and place in a large container. Add the lime juice, a dash of salt, ground pepper and garlic. Finally use only a 2 tablespoons of any Italian clear dressing. Toss and it is ready!

I don’t spend a lot of time with the traditional steps in cooking because with these dishes it really does not matter, the taste is amazing and honestly time is important to me. BTW I took out the good China LMAO....

Oh! The guacamole is made with three fresh avocadoes smashed up (I always use a molcajete). Once done, stir in pica-de-gallo (chopped up tomatoes, jalapenos, red onions and cilantro) and a dash of salt and pepper. Always leave a seed or two in the guacamole to avoid losing its color.

Bon Apatite My Love ... Sugar xx... x(one more time wink)

Peace and Love Always ~ D

1.       Photography: Diana Mary Sharpton © copy write 2015 All Rights Reserved

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