Saturday, May 30, 2015

Paula Fernandes "Passáro de Fogo" #MusicVideo #DianaMarySharpton


And falling's just another way to fly.” 

~ Emilie Autumn
My music selection this morning is a classic sung by the beautiful and talented Paula Fernandes and titled "Passáro de Fogo" (2). Her genre is Pop, Country Soul, Sertanejo-Moderno and this particular song is definitely considered Country Soul and Sertanejo-Moderno

"Fire Bird" (3)
You'll give yourself to me
Like our very first time
You'll get delirious with love
You'll feel my warmth
You'll be mine

I am the fire bird
That sings in your ears
I 'm going to win this game
By making love to you like mad
I want this outlawed love for myself

My erratic soul, my independent heart
Both run a serious danger (of falling in love) because of you.
I want to discover your secrets
To drive your mind crazy
To be more than a friend

Don't say no
Don't refuse
A new love
A new romance to yourself
Tell me

(As you get) Far off the ground
I will be your feet,
Carried by wings of dream heading to your heart
Let yourself feel it
Give yourself over
Ride on my body
Oh my eternal passion

I hope you like this selection and have a brilliant evening or morning. Thank you for your continued support. Remember music is a language and these are my thoughts for today, make it marvelous!
My Sugar...

Peace and Love always
Diana Mary Sharpton

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