Saturday, December 19, 2015

Lady Antebellum-Can't take my eyes off you #LoveOfMyLife #MusicVideo #DianaMarySharpton #TheLoveOf MyLife


Seduce my mind and you can have my body, find my soul and I’m yours forever.

~ M.D. Waters, Archetype

Well, schools out! Two weeks of sleeping late and doing whatever the heck I want to do, just brilliant! It’s the last of 2015 and what a year… I am sad to see it go. It was a roll-a-coaster of emotion, to say the least! The exciting thing is that “do nothing, wishing Diana”, acted and stepped out of that iron box. I took one hell of a ride on the risk train/plane and would do it again and again. LOL! People need to do this more often, I highly recommend it. To hell with the noise and take a chance on your heart’s desire, your dreams. Make it happen… Now back to me… What was that amazing thing? It is a story for a different day (smile).

I pray for the health and happiness of my family and friends. To my son and is his new bride, may you share friendship, love, spirituality, passion and a lifetime of happy memories. To my daughter, I pray you land on your feet, find your passion and success. To my beautiful granddaughter, Teah, embrace life and seize your dreams. Do not set them aside. To my middle brother, Jim, I am praying for your health and me here for you. To the rest of my family and dear, dear, friends, know I love you all dearly and hope 2016 will be the most brilliant year in our lives.

Tonight’s song is dedicated to you Sugar and that’s all I am going to say… The music selection is titled "Lady Antebellum-Can't take my eyes off you” and yes this is truly one of my favorite groups. They are straight up country from Nashville, Tennessee.  I do love the South, its music, soul, independence, character, culture, and amazing food. This includes the great state of Texas! Which by the way reminds me of another place as well… Much love to Australia!

I have added the lyrics for your reading pleasure...

"Can't Take My Eyes Off You" (3)
I know that the bridges that I've burned
Along the way
Have left me with these walls and these scars
That won't go away
And opening up has always been the hardest thing
Until you came

So lay here beside me, just hold me and don't let go
This feelin' I'm feelin' is somethin' I've never known
And I just can't take my eyes off you
And I just can't take my eyes off you

I love when you tell me that I'm pretty
[Album version:] When I just wake up
[Acoustic version:] When I just woke up
And I love how you tease me when I'm moody
[Album version:] But it's never too much
[Acoustic version:] And it's always enough
[Album version:] I'm falling fast but the truth is I'm not scared at all
[Acoustic version:] I'm falling fast and the truth is I'm not scared at all
[Album version:] You're climbin' my walls
[Acoustic version:] You broke my walls


Off you
Off you

So lay here beside me just hold me and don't let go
Oh, this feelin' I'm feelin' is somethin' I've never known
And I just can't take my eyes off you
And I just can't take my eyes off you

This particular video was upload on YouTube by JENNCHAMB on Jan 28, 2010.

Sugar... xxx 

Love and Peace always ~D

You are the first man that I have loved... your are the love of my life...