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I personally believe mavericks are people who write their own rulebook.

They are the ones who act first and talk later. They are fiercely independent thinkers who know how to fight the lizard brain (to use Seth Godin’s term).
I don’t believe many are born, rather they are products of an environment, or their experiences.

They are usually the people that find the accepted norm does not meet their requirements and have the self-confidence, appetite, independence, degree of self reliance and sufficient desire to carve out their own niche in life.
Blair Stuart

I believe a maverick thinker can take a new idea, champion it, and push it beyond the ability of a normal person to do so. I also believe the best mavericks can build a team, can motivate with their vision, their passion, and can pull together others to accomplish great things. A wise maverick knows that they need others to give full form to their views and can gather these necessary contributors around them.

Mavericks, in my experience, fall into various categories – a/ the totally off-the-wall, uncontrollable genius who won’t listen to anyone; b/ the person who thinks that they have the ONLY solution to a challenge but prepared to consider others’ views on how to conquer the world &, finally, the person who thinks laterally to overcome problems considered to be irresolvable. I like in particular the third category.

The upside is that mavericks, because of their different outlook on life, often sees opportunities and solutions that others cannot. But the downside is that often, because in life there is always some degree of luck in success (i.e. being in the right place at the right time), mavericks that fail are often ridiculed for their unorthodox approach. However when they succeed they are acclaimed for their inspiration. It is indeed a fine line they walk in life.”

~ Ziad K. Abdelnour

I would like to talk about an amazing, talented, inspirational artist, photographer and poet. He is an enigma, rustic, individual, honest, decent, stubborn, forthright, loyal and a caring man.  Now this is strictly literal impression and personal point of view gather on a dear friend that I have known for over three years.
Blair Stuart
We met on G+ and I initially got to know him through a piece I did on him. I wrote a poem titled "The Maverick" which was my humble attempt in capturing the essence of this man, Blair James Stuart. He told me he liked the poem so hopefully I made a point or two. This year I had the great pleasure of meeting Blair in person and can honestly say he is quite the gentleman, everything I expected and more.

So, the point of this post is to re-introduce Blair StuartEntrepreneur, Independent Freelance Photographer and Digital Visual Artist. He cares about folks struggling to be noticed in this electronic driven, social media influencing, bite map world around us. Additionally, he is a biker, a passionate animal rights and environmental advocate that is strictly “old school” when it comes to service and love of country.
Blair can be outspoken about corruption in government and the destruction of the western way of life. Articulate and driven, I’ve seen in Blair a honesty and masculinity that is somewhat of a dying breed in this day and age of roll over inclusion and or diversity with a culture destroying price tag.
Purple Poles by Blair Stuart
Let me quote him I am only too well aware of and understand the frustrations and the constant struggle faced by all independents; be they Artists, Authors, Photographers, Poets, Musicians, or Sculptors, to be discovered for the talent that we are. We sit outside of the Commercial mainstream and are, for all intents and purposes, ignored by them. I set up this site to provide a platform for the promotion of not only my own work, but the work of other International and Australian Independents; a platform from which to connect with and to a World Wide audience.
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Image_2024 Morning Mist over the Canungra River in South West Queensland (5)

Finally, I have written a new poem for this post titled “A Sketch” which is also included. It was inspired by Arron Siskind who said it best “Photography is a way of feeling, of touching, of loving. What you have caught on film is captured forever... it remembers little things, long after you have forgotten everything.” I for one am a fan, friend and consummate supporter of this man, Blair James Stuart.

The Maverick
As water flows into time, my humanity propels illimitable and honest,
Not lost! It’s complicated, an enigma, between custom and thirst.
The wind’s my mistress; transfixing depths of existence hurled into a pause,
For I pursue finite beauty with a lens, resolute in this quest but never resolved.

I am a man that walks a path bequeathed with honor and dignity,
A truth akin to surges from an ocean controlled by the anger in wind,
Centered in my frame and carrying it bearing no disrepute,
Yet there’s that wrinkle, a wanton speck in tenderness, moot.

Alike a smoothed bolder splitting the natural flow in a stream,
Or a lengthy journey commenced awaiting its symmetry.
Not the complete man, a tersely fragment lodged in my soul,
And at times between a blink it leaves me bare and cold.

I shake my head to mend this painful silliness that seems to append,
And focus on the grace of life in the now, irrespective to the journey’s end.
Distinctive and rebellious, perceptions tend to bring,
For I allude to an unorthodox merit of being a maverick among men.
© Copywrite 2013 by Diana Mary Sharpton

A Sketch
I drag colorless light from a full moon
To a canvas and begin a sketch of you
With a milieu of reds and golden rum
Your image is obverse to a setting sun

Methodically, I capture who you are
With dueling intricacies leveling on par
There’s a romantic soul filled with desire
And a broken heart building walls of fire

I know you! Amid sea urchins and dreams
A modest man; with an artistic flare it seems
As I paint each detailed line a dignity’s known
Silently amity’s returned to love that’s shown

An accepted male laden in ethos views
A thinker, a biker painted here in moods
Diana Mary Sharpton © 2015 ~ All Rights Reserved

Thank you for the continued support on all things posted by Diana Mary Sharpton. Have a blessed and safe evening or morning.

Peace Always D~
Sugar xx

1.Photograph: Image _0586 is one of my favorite Sunrise shots. It was captured at Pindimar on the Central Coast of New South Wales.  A true paradise on this earth and a place the moved me spiritually.
2. Photograph: Blair Stuart. 
3. Photograph: Blair Stuart.
4. Photograph: Image _.37a Is one of my later pieces of my work, created for my Dark Art series. It was created by overlaying three images to create the final work.  Even the original image is a creation of two images combined using Firestorm and a symmetry programme.
5. Photograph: Abstract - Purple Poles by Blair Stuart.
6. Photograph: Image 121 was taken from the bank of the Murray River, at Christies Beach near Echuca on the Victorian / New South Wales border.  This was shot in the early morning, the mist still over the river.  I like this one because it has a real painterly feel about it. 
7. Photograph: Image _2024 was captured in the early morning as the mist was still over the Canungra River in South West Queensland.  A beautiful part of this beautiful country that I live
8. Photograph: Image _0118   is a Digital Art creation.  The original image was captured at the Mita Mita River in the Victorian High Country.  The image was shot in the early morning and the scene that presented was one that to me was purely mystical and bought forward images of faeries and the little folk.  I used a number of editing programmes to enhance and bring out the feel that I hope this image is able to convey to the viewer.
9. Photograph: Image _0335 is another compilation; I have used four different images to create this one.  The final creation has also been given a HDR treatment as a final enhancement.  I have a love of Tall ships and all things of a sea theme. 
11. Poetry by Diana Mary Sharpton copyright of 2014 "The Maverick"
10. Video: EUROPA - Santana.
11. Video: Bruce Springsteen - I'm On Fire.

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