Monday, October 10, 2016

EMM ~ "Judge me" #MusicVideo #DianaMarySharpton #DMS #NewArtist

EMM ~ Judge Me
The most courageous act is still to think for yourself. Aloud.”
― Coco Chanel

I will say it again! I am sick of the media and their constant analytical spin about this election coming up for President and all I want is that it is over with. Let’s move the “F” on!

My featured guest tonight is a sexy brilliant young singer, songwriter, EMM with her Single/Musicvideo released in February 2016 – titled “Judge Me”. She is brand new to the music indutry, folks, with a million hit musicvideo. Did I tell you she is sexy as hell with a silky smooth voice, with range and balance! Oh! Yes, she can sing a little something, something.

I discovered this beautiful fresh new talent when she sent a twitter follow request and during my duiligence process I came accoss her video and was blown away. Yes, I accepted her friendship request.
Judge Me”- was written, produced, recorded and mixed by EMM. Grab the song on 


Directed and shot by K. Sarrico
Styling by Shawnda Charles
Featuring Hunter Garner
BTS by Eric Michael Espiritu:

The genre is R&B/pop and it was uploaded on to YouTube, Feb 14, 2016 by EMM.

Biography from her Facebook page
So, what happens when a classically trained young girl from a tiny Michigan town faces big hardships in the Big Apple and then enters the fast-paced pop music world of Los Angeles?

Well, EMM has taken everything she's learned and brought it into this landscape, crafting some unforgettable and uplifting songs along the way. In short, she's ready for her own kind of revolution.

EMM couldn't help but immerse herself in music. Born to a classical harpist mother and opera singer father, she discovered what she would do for the rest of her life very early on. That decision even preceded her birth. "My mom played a five-hour gig on the day I was due," her eyes light up. "I was literally right up against her harp, and I was on stage with her hundreds of times before I was even born. I think that's why performing feels so natural."

Between piano lessons and actually writing her own songs, a six-year-old EMM would fall asleep in orchestra pits, while waiting for her father to finish teaching at the esteemed Interlochen Center for the Arts. Her parents imparted a deep technical understanding and appreciation for all things classical as she picked up composition by herself. The Norris clan spent two Christmases performing a family show on Regent Seven Seas cruises giving the kids a familiarity with the stage. However, she had a pivotal revelation in 2006.

"I saw BeyoncĂ© perform 'Ring the Alarm' on the VMAs," she recalls. "She totally owned the stage. It was that moment when I decided that would be me someday. I was immediately obsessed with becoming the absolute best performer possible.”
Keeping up with her training, she simultaneously fell in love with everybody from Mariah Carey to Whitney Houston and developed her own voice. As a result, she approaches music from a different angle, possessing the ability to compose every aspect of a song from the instrumentation to the lyrics. Winning numerous state competitions for classical music, EMM picked up a guitar and taught herself how to play. Every bit of money she earned she saved and put towards professional studio time. She even managed to not only learn the recording program Logic but to become extremely well-versed in it. It got to the point where everybody in the studio affectionately referred to the budding artist and producer as "the prodigy kid".

Through family friends with industry ties, she made her formal entry into the music business in 2009 at merely 16-years-old. Being promised various deals and opportunities, she finished high school early and moved to New York under the auspices that her career would "go big". However, nothing went as planned. Promises were broken, and disappointment struck as she tirelessly worked on music. She sacrificed constantly and constantly only to be greeted by real hardship.

The harsh reality of the Big Apple hit her hard as she even was terrifyingly mugged one winter evening deep in Harlem a block from where she lived at the time. She had no choice but to hole up at home and focus on writing songs. Channeling into those trials and tribulations, the music provided a catharsis for her, possessing to power and strength. She'd make trips by herself to meet and work with different producers including Tim and Bob and Jason Gilbert everywhere from Miami and Chicago to Washington D.C. by herself. The dream hadn't materialized yet though.

"I had my heart broken more than a few times," she affirms. "I always knew deep down inside that I was supposed to keep going, so I did."

In 2012, she traded a cold New York for sunny Los Angeles. At the urging of her mom, she made a short performance video. It eventually was circulated amongst numerous high-level industry executives and tastemakers.

After moving to Los Angeles to build her team, EMM crafted her first full mixtape, “Burning in the Dark.” She took on the task of doing all of the producing, songwriting, vocal arrangement, recording and mixing for the project. She built and performed several shows, including playing the Staples Center, and Dodger Staduim. She now continues to build her social media and has millions of views on her empowering and inspiring videos. In typical EMM fashion, she still fights to turn her struggles and hardships into stories of empowerment and encouragement for her fans. After observing EMM’s talent in action, one thing is clear: its only the beginning of the “EMMpire.” Her best, most powerful, and most engaging work is still ahead. To EMM, when you ask the difficult question, “What would you do if you weren’t afraid?” her answer appears to be, “Just watch.”

Emm - Judge Me 
You saw I was weak
You used, manipulated me

I was born in the dark
I was swallowed by light
I gave into you when I fell into the night
Now the ground where I walk
Oh the devil has trod
I called out to you
Shoulda called out to GOD

Oh I always wanted you
And I hate you but I love you
And I wish that you were dead
But I wish you were inside me
And it's dark inside this head
Don't you judge me,
Don't you judge me,
You don't know where I have been
[Lyrics from: https:/]
Won't you love me
Won't you love me

You were never sober
And I should've known you'd fuck me over

I was born in the dark
I was swallowed by light
I gave into you when I fell into the night
And I worshipped your body like
Venus and the sun
Now look what I've become...

Lord, why did you bring me here tonight?
Even I can see we're out of light...
And Lord I wanted this man to be my life
And I was ready to be his wife
Wife, his wife

His wife, his wife...

I hope you like this selection as much as I do and have a blessed evening or morning. Thank you for your continued support. Remember music is a language and these are my thoughts tonight.

Peace and Love always
Diana Mary Sharpton