Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Celine Dion & Josh Groban Live "The Prayer" #MUSICVIDEO #INSPIRATION #DianaMarySharpton


The challenge to shifting perspective can be broken down into two general categories. The first relates to passive ignorance—people are not aware that they even have a perspective and that others might see things differently. The second relates to active indifference or resistance—we don't care that the other side may see things differently; we only want to see things our own way.” ― Donny Ebenstein

I went to a class today title “Discover Your Behavioral Profile” and met myself for the first time. This statement sounds odd coming from a young lady that is over fifty… Ha! Ha! It’s true. It was all about discovering ones four behavioral factors within varying degrees of intensity. It was fascinating and introspective. I had to take an assessment test first and would say they nailed me. If you are interested, the class was sponsored by “The Abeison Group”. Google them.

Anyway, long story short, my natural style (me) and adaptive style (mask) are quite similar and I am going to break it down for you for fun. Please remember that you need to understand the root of a word and its definition to understand where I am coming from.

1. Dominance “D”: (Problem) I am not a task master. I do not need results or fear losing success in some manner. I am an introvert and the words that define me in this category are “Calculating” (i.e. 1. to calculate something like the velocity of light. 2. to determine by reasoning, common sense, or practical experience; estimate; evaluate; gauge. 3. to make suitable or fit for a purpose; adapt) & “Cooperative” (i.e. involving mutual assistance in working toward a common goal. collaborative, collective, combined, common, joint, shared, mutual, united, concerted, coordinated.)

2. Influencing “I”: (People) I have trust issues because I was deeply wounded in childhood so I need reassurance. I need to feel safe with my surroundings and with the people I love or interface with, be it in the work place or in my personal life. It’s simple. Does this sound familiar? Here are the describers. “Reflective”; “Factual”; “Calculating”; Skeptical” & “Logical”. You can google the positive definitions. :)

3. Steadiness “S”: (Pace) Emotion = Nonemotion. I hold everything in until it needs to come out. More than likely it should come out sooner rather than later. I am motivated to be emotionally in control. To be perceived in this manner as well, even though it is not always the underlying truth. My biggest fear is loss. The loss of something I hold dear (i.e. job, loved one, home etc.). Here are the describers. “Consistent”; “Steady”; “Stable” & “Patient”.

I will share a short story with you. When I was in my teens my father became very ill. He was close to death. I walked into the room and he reached out to me with his hand. I can still see that moment in my brain as if it was a minute ago, he wanted my love. In his mind, he was dying.

It is important to understand the relationship he and I had. We were constant companions and great friends ever since I was a little girl. He took me everywhere, horseback riding, trips everywhere. My father call me his “sweetness and light”. I loved that man dearly and still do. He was my rock. Well that day, I panicked. I became so frighten, I utter not a word, quickly turned away, ran out the room and kept running until I was miles away from home. Everyone was shocked. I could not face another loss in my life. It cut deep into my soul. My father however was hurt by my actions. He recovered and later after another crisis I could not face he told me in passing “you are strong person Diana with week emotions” and he was right. The point is that fear is my mortal enemy.

4. Compliance “C”: (Procedure) I need to understand why. I am not only an introvert but also a perfectionist. I need information, data, structure, process, variables, unknowns. This is my paradox. This is my strength. I remove fear by analyzing and solving the problem to protect and keep me safe. It is basic. Here are the describers. “Diplomatic”; “Balanced Judgement”; “Open-Minded”; “Accurate” & “Systematic”.

The whole point is that I have been looking at someone that I dearly care about through my eyes not theirs and this was erroneous. Through fear. To be able to see a person or even understand their behavior from the perspective of who they are, what their needs are, what fears they may have is enlightening and places a whole different dimension into communication, friendship and/or relationships. Think about it. How would you communicate with a person with relatively the same strengths, fears, and weaknesses? Or even someone that is the complete opposite? Bottom line develop the skill in seeing people through their eyes.

Okay, it’s certainly time for some pink champagne and good music. Celine Dion fits in perfectly with her brilliant rendition of “The Prayer” featuring Josh Groban. I highly recommend this exquisite music and I have list the lyrics below for your reading pleasure.

“The Prayer"
Can we touch the soul of heaven
Can we unite a sacred lesson
Every child creates a skylight of beauty
Can you hear cathedrals falling
All the universe is calling
Cry a single cello from your heart?
Since the world has lost her way
Loneliness journey, endlessly
Yet the promised chance remains
Gift of what could be
So let the children remember the sun
Let them dance, let them soar
For their lives have begun
Let the children engender the rain
As the river runs through fields
Forever subsiding their pain
Every voice along the shoreline
Standing still within time
Spinnin' unresolved
Walking as each season passes
Through wonderland, through walking glasses
A secret garden shines, beckons you
Gentle flower don't fade away
Sweet innocence still harbors thee
In the faint of golden dreams
Where one love lives eternally
Let the children remember the sun
Let them dance, let them soar
For their lives have begun
Let the children engender the rain
As the river runs through fields
Forever subsiding their pain
Prayer, prayer
Bless the children for they are the light
They are the truth of spirit in flight
Yes, the children engender the rain
As the river runs through life
Healing their pain
If you could trust with your heart one more time
Sweet angel conceived
You have forever and always believed,
Prayer, oh, prayer

Thank you for your continued support. I pray you are having a blessed evening or morning and that you enjoyed this selection as much as I did. Remember music is a language and these are my thoughts tonight.

Peace and Love Always Diana
You exist in my soul; NOT solitude but radiance. You are my light, my inspiration, and my safety. I see you and trust this love.

1.)      Photograph:http://yuleplay.com/artist/?a=Celine%20Dion