Thursday, July 13, 2017

Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet Band “Fire Lake" #OnOurWay #Baby #MusicVideo #DianaMarySharpton


“I miss you.I miss you. I miss you, I miss you.Be ready, because when I see you, I'll never let you go again.” ― Veronica Rossi

The song I am picking for this evening is titled “Fire Lake" (2) by Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet Band. The video was uploaded on YouTube on Aug 18, 2010 by KostaF64.

This song is the ninth track in album titled "Against The Wind". The album was released in January 1980 and is considered to be a rock genre.

I want to go to Fire Lake with YOU. PURE PASSION!!!

I have listed the lyrics below for your reading pleasure.

"Fire Lake"(3)
Who's gonna ride that chrome three wheeler
Who's gonna make that first mistake
Who wants to wear those gypsy leathers
All the way to Fire Lake
Who wants to break the news about Uncle Joe
You remember Uncle Joe
He was the one afraid to cut the cake
Who wants to tell poor Aunt Sarah
Joe's run off to Fire Lake
Joe's run off to Fire Lake

Who wants to brave those bronze beauties
Lying in the sun
With their long soft hair falling
Flying as they run
Oh they smile so shy
And they flirt so well
And they lay you down so fast
Till you look straight up and say
Oh lord
Am I really here at last

Who wants to play those eights and aces
Who wants a raise
Who needs a stake
Who wants to take that long shot gamble
And head out to Fire Lake
Head out
Who wants to go to Fire Lake
And head out
Who wants to go to Fire Lake
Head out
Out to Fire Lake
Who's gonna do it

I spent my holiday week exercising and I feel good.

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Music is a language and these are my final thoughts for this evening. May your day or evening be blessed with good health, unconditional love, light-hearten laughter, enormous success, and unending happiness.

Peace and Love Always
Diana Mary Sharpton

Usted es el más importante motivo o finalidad para mi existencia. Eres mi querido.

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