Friday, February 28, 2020

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“Yet in opinions look not always back,--
Your wake is nothing, mind the coming track; Leave what you've done for what you have to do; Don't be "consistent," but be simply true.”
― Oliver Wendell Holmes Sr.

My featured artists this evening are the multi-talented and brilliant The Talbott Brothers from the great state of Nebraska, USA. They are new to me and definitely a fresh sound that echos folk or even a urban blues sentimentality. Their music is typically considered a rock, and/or folk genre. 

The song selected is titled "We Got Love". It is the first track on their 2017 albumn titled "Gray" The song was uploaded on YouTube by The Talbott Brothers and published on Dec 1, 2016. 

At little about the artists found on their website:
"The Talbott Brothers have earned a large and growing following for their songs consisting of down-to-earth messages that prove to be prevalent in today’s world. Originally from Imperial, Nebraska, they now call Portland, Oregon home. Billboard defines their music as “captivating with haunting brotherly harmonies.”

Ghost Talker is the second full-length studio album from the sibling duo. Rolling Stone named their latest single one of the ‘Top 10 Songs to Hear Now,’ defining their music as “cinematic folk-rock for open highways, widescreen skies and the limitless reach of the American Heartland.” Blood harmonies and sibling rivalry are evident in their songwriting with lyrics pulling from the trials of everyday life and the questions we all face. “Everyone has ghosts, whether they talk about them or not. We wanted to take off the mask and be honest with this record, hoping that what we needed to say is what people needed to hear.”

At its core, the album is transformative in nature, prompting the listener to question motives, face realities, and go to war with their own ghosts. Spiritual apprehension and seeking answers are common themes. “Shadowboxing” is a hard look in the mirror, realizing that what you have been fighting all along is your own fear. “It takes one good fight to turn things around.”

Lead single, “Run No More” forces a look at the past while offering a soul shaking guitar solo that feels like a rally cry. “We tried running for a long time but it doesn’t do a heart any good. Sometimes in a wake-up call you realize what’s most important to you. "Run No More" is about when your legs give out and you gotta turn around and fight.”

The Talbott Brothers have performed at 30A Fest, SXSW, The Rock Boat and clubs and theaters across the US and Canada; sharing the stage with ZZ Ward, Johnnyswim and AJR."


This song speaks to my heart, the love in my life, journey difficulties, and finally how truly blessed I am today to be alive writing this post. I highly recommend the album titled "Gray" which was released in 2017.

"We Got Love"
Packed our bags and we headed west
Thought that it might be the best thing for us
But I was thinking about me
All the things that we’d leave behind
Family and a peace of mind
But I got you

I am gonna love you til the stars go out
A shelter up above you til they all fall down
We ain't got a lot but we got love
We ain't got a lot but we got love

 Floating like feathers in heavy like rain
The two of us together can weather any change
That comes our way               
Nothing here really feels like home
Home is who you’re with when you don’t feel alone anymore

I am gonna love you til the stars go out
A shelter up above you til they all fall down
We ain't got a lot but we got love
We ain't got a lot but we got love
Recorded at Tone Lab Studio in Portland, OR

All music written by The Talbott Brothers

I hope you like this selection as much as I do and have a blessed evening or morning. Thank you for your continued support. Remember music is a language and these are my thoughts tonight.

Peace and Love always
Diana Mary Sharpton

I want that moonlit night with you again Sugar… soon xxx

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