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“For me, you are fresh water that falls from trees when it has stopped raining. For me,
you are cinnamon that lingers on the tongue and gives bitter words sweetening. For me, you are the scent of violins and vision of valleys smiling. And still, for me, your loveliness never ends.
It traverses the world and finds its way back to me. Only me.”

― Kamand Kojouri

The song that I am going to feature this evening is titled “I'll Wait for You" (2) and sung by the brilliant young duet, Birds of a Feather (Amy McKay & Ryan Leon)

Both singer-songwriters, their music is consider Folk, Pop. The video was published on March 1, 2020 and uploading on YouTube by DEUTSCHLAND. "I'll Wait for You" is the 6th track on their brand new albumn titled "You Are Music" released on August 28, 2019.

I love this groups' music and this song is no exception. Remember LOVE Traverses it all!...I highly recommend a few moments of your time to to check out their albumn and this video...

A little about the artists and the lyrics are listed below for your reading pleasure...

A little about the Artists: BIRDS OF A FEATHER
Amy & Ryan
"Amy McKay (vocal, guitar, piano, bluesharp) and Ryan Leon (vocal, guitar, banjo) are artists with a long track record respectively. They have been performing on both big and small stages in various places and countries before having met during their previous project, TinkaBelle.

The band was signed to Warner Music Central Europe, and both their studio albums were awarded with gold status. The group joined soul singer Seal for a duet, opened up in sold-out stadiums for rock legends Status Quo and went on tour with The Overtones in Germany.

By the end of 2013, it became clear to Amy and Ryan that the time was ripe for musical development and personal change. The decision for a new beginning had been made.

Birds of a Feather were allowed to mature slowly. Their first two EPs “Light Up” (2016) and “Rise Up” (2017) were recorded in Dublin with the support of producer Ger McDonnell (U2).

They took them on the road and performed shows all over Germany, The Netherlands, Italy, Denmark, and Austria.

In spring 2018, in cooperation with DB, they gave concerts in all major train stations in Baden-Württemberg.

In December 2018, they launched a successful crowdfunding campaign to finance their band bus.

At the end of August 2019, Amy and Ryan will release their first full studio album “You Are Music”.

They repeated the inspiring collaboration with Ger McDonnell, and this time they also worked with three amazing Irish musicians:

John Colbert (Bass), Esa Taponen (Gitarren) und Daragh O’Toole (Keyboard)
Camera by:
Cast: Alessandra Votta & Patrick Müller-Klug"

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"I‘ll wait for you"

Tell me why are your eyes so sad
When you hurt then I hurt so bad
So your parents still disapprove
It won’t change what I feel for you

Here’s what I’ll do
I’ll wait for you

So if your heart is torn
I’ll wait for you
And if you face the storm
I’ll fight for you
I promise you
We‘ll make it through

Don’t you know when I first met you
It was just like a bolt from blue
My whole world was turned upside down
Fell in love with your beautiful sound

I know that you
You feel it too

But if your heart is torn
I’ll wait for you
And if you face the storm
I’ll fight for you
I promise you
We‘ll make it through

And if you need me near
I’ll be with you
And if you feel the fear
I’ll challenge you
I promise you
I‘ll do anything for you

You introduced me to myself
And you know that we belong
True love is never wrong!!!

What does your heart tell you
What does it say
I want all of you
It’s up to you
It’s up to you

So if your heart is torn
I’ll wait for you
And if you face the storm
I’ll fight for you
I promise you
We’ll make it through

This video worth watching!

Peace and Love always ~ D

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