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Stairway in Fog - Oahu b (c) DianaMarySharpton

I know what I have given you...

I do not know what you have received.”

― Antonio Porchiai

Morning Fog

by Diana Mary Sharpton

A lazy autumn morning fog, laden in sizable droplets sustain,
and hover a foot above an inner city’s rustic terrain.
it envelops a wary traveler treading gingerly past a rocky laden ditch,
as distant vibrations echo direction; a piano bar strums reaching a vibrant pitch.

He ponders; eyes closed, intakes a deeply earthen breath,
listening, engulfed in genuine joy, not for logic, life, or death,
it’s the taste of harmonious sound, consumed in each beat,
frozen within steam; churning into a clamorous molten heap.

 It’s the heart that’s not understood; the mind that’s not spoken,
It’s the secret you hate; as his soul bleeds from acts seized as a token.

Can you really preach choice that’s not yours to say?
Or even determine another’s path into a most suitable way?
Are you a Deity that sees through the wall of internal lies?
Or is it merely you egotistical slant filled with honey coated flies?
As an ice-cold droplet lands on his shut eye lid; in a sudden chilly slash,
and needles jab his body; moments of joy fade in an instant flash.
He is neither thinking, feeling or making choices on the journey ahead,
for the music continues resounding as echoes in his head.

Synchronously, the composition vanishes; a flight continues as he quietly walks on,
He’s not probing for resonance or elation conveyed in her special song.
No, the truth is paved with each step he possessed,
Along a path worn by shoes leading to her place, he must confess!

Diana Mary Sharpton (c) 2014 copyright all rights reserved

Accompanied by "Van Morrison - Vanlose Stairway
" and the lyrics are listed below for your reading pleasure.

"Van Morrison - Vanlose Stairway"

Send me your picture
Send me your pillow
Send it through Krishna
On the Vanlose stairway
Send me your Bible
(Send me) Send me your guitar (Send me)
I want to reach you
On the Vanlose stairway (On the Vanlose stairway)
On the Vanlose stairway (On the Vanlose stairway)
And your stairway
Reaches up to the moon
And it comes right back
It comes right back to you
Send me some loving, child
(Send me) Send me some kissing, yeah
(Send me) You know what I'm missing
On the Vanlose stairway (Stairway)
On the Vanlose stairway
"Right there, hold it now, hold it there"
And your stairway
Reaches up to the moon
And it comes right back
And it comes right back to you
Send me your Bible, child
(Send) Ohw, send me your guitar, yeah

Source: Musixmatch
Songwriters: Van Morrison
Vanlose Stairway lyrics © Barrule (us) Lp

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1) Photography: Stairway in Fog - Oahu b (c) DianaMarySharpton
2) Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eEEeaPzEWME
3) Lyrics hsee above